We’ve always been big on the little things. Supporting a life lived effortlessly with thoughtful details and services. Imagine living where the pressures of growing energy bills and life admin dissolve, leaving you more time to savour simple pleasures.

Your bills included

Bills, Bills, Bills

Sit back and relax knowing your utility bills are all included.

When you make Circle Square Apartments your home, your rent and utility bills are managed in one simple monthly payment. Your rent, gas, electric and water is wrapped up together into one helpful package. Little life routines become easier, calmer, more enjoyable. No more meter readings, endless statements or energy price uncertainty. You’ll move in, settle in and enjoy life, knowing that the amount you’re paying each month won’t change during your tenancy.

Circle Square Studio

Living the all inclusive life

All this means you’ll have more time on your hands to enjoy the day-to-day pace of life here. Host your own dinner party or join one of our exclusive soirees in beautiful surroundings.

When you live here at Circle Square Apartments your monthly rent payment is fully inclusive of your utility bills covering electricity, gas and water.

Council tax is not included, you will need to manage this payment directly with the council.

You can be safe in the knowledge that throughout the length of your tenancy, your utility bills won’t increase. You are protected from the uncertainty around energy prices, making your budgeting much easier.

Your rent, electricity, gas, water is all wrapped into one amount paid monthly by direct debit. You won’t need to manage meter readings, we’ll take care of it all for you.